LONDON - The British Coatings Federation (BCF) hosted a Safety Conference on Tuesday, Oct. 3, at Eastwood Hall, Nottingham, focusing on behavior-based safety and human factors. The coatings companies in the BCF have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to safety, which is illustrated in recent results from the BCF’s Coatings Care program, which show a 75% reduction in the number of accidents per year. Despite the improved safety record, incidents still do occur, and the BCF’s Safety Conference explored how to prevent accidents in the workplace by focusing on the human element of health and safety and improvement of a company’s safety culture.

Health and safety is a key focus of coatings companies, and with the Sentencing Council’s new guidelines six-times higher than before, the financial impact on businesses when something goes wrong can be devastating to a business financially, as well as taking an emotional toll. Speakers at the BCF’s Safety Conference presented a range of talks including Richard Scaife (The Keil Centre), Huw Jones (Health, Safety, Environmental Risk Management), Eddie McCullough (DEKRA Organisational Reliability) and Michael Tans (Ramboll Environ) who provided delegates with expert insight into behavioral safety and its human factors, specifically with regard to adopting a strong safety culture.

Wayne Smith, Director of Regulatory Affairs Manager at the BCF, commented, “The focus for health and safety management has changed over the years and despite this, there are still incidents which unfortunately occur. It is important to look at the human factors and the behavior of employees to improve behavioral safety and safety culture.”