PITTSBURGH – PPG introduced PPG DURASTAR® ultra-durable industrial spray coating, a one-coat application for aluminum extrusions that meets the exterior durability requirements of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s AAMA 2604 specification (five-year South Florida exposure).

Composed of a proprietary PPG-developed polyester resin, PPG Durastar spray coating can be applied direct-to-metal (DTM) or over a primer. It provides excellent corrosion resistance, color fastness, and chalk-, scratch- and mar-resistance for high-end building products and components used in storefronts, schools, hospitals and other high-traffic areas.

Brian Knapp, PPG Director, Coil and Building Products, said the versatility and hardness of PPG Durastar spray coating give value-oriented window, door and building product manufacturers a cost-effective option for achieving AAMA 2604 weathering performance without the associated cost premium.

"Whether applied directly over metal or a primer for enhanced performance in seacoast environments, PPG Durastar spray coating provides exceptional substrate protection at a cost that is competitive with AAMA 2603-level coatings," said Knapp.

To help manufacturers meet environmental mandates, PPG Durastar spray coating is lead-free and features low VOCs and low hazardous air pollutants. It is available in a wide range of solid colors in all gloss levels.

To learn more about PPG Durastar ultra-durable spray coating, call 800/258.6398 or visit www.ppgmetalcoatings.com.