BRNO, Czech Republic – Paint-Inspector.Com s.r.o. (PIC) is releasing a new product to the market. The product, called e-WAALS, is an online course covering the basics of coatings application.

The course thoroughly covers all essential topics from corrosion mechanisms, methods of surface preparation, paint application, possible defects of the coated surface, to an explanation of paint specifications, standards, and HSE subjects.

"We created e-WAALS to fill the gap in the market and provide an affordable option for people and companies who need to educate themselves," said Viktorie Ambrozova, Project Manager at PIC.

The course is suitable for painters, sprayers and grit blasters, on-board maintenance crews on ships, technical managers, procurement and sales professionals looking for better understanding of coating processes and products, and anyone willing to expand their knowledge of coating-related topics.

The course can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet. It offers a supervisor license, downloadable handbook and an online forum.

PIC is an inspection and consultancy agency that works with paint inspectors all over the world. The company has decided to broaden its field of specialization and also shift towards education.

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