TORONTO - Dominion Colour Corp. (DCC) announced that it has fully merged its Dispersions business subsidiary, trading as Gemini Dispersions Ltd., into the parent organization (DCC). This includes all activities of the business, including changes to its name, contact information, sales, customer service and website.

The name of Gemini Dispersions Ltd. is now Dominion Colour Corp., and all references to Gemini from correspondence, technical literature, safety data sheets, etc., have been discontinued. The Gemsperse trade name has been retained as well as the individual product codes, so customers are able to order their products as before. All contact telephone numbers at the Waterfoot, UK, site remain, but all e-mail addresses have been changed from the domain name to the new domain name Sales and customer service will become the responsibility of DCC's global sales and customer service network. The Gemini website will be redirected to the DCC website shortly, which now illustrates the ranges of dispersions available, the product index, and the corresponding product selection guides. Visit the dispersions portion of the DCC website to view the newly re-branded dispersions materials.

"We are very excited about the merger of the two businesses and look forward to serving you with the full range of Dominion Colour's solutions portfolio," said Dr. Bruce Howie, Global Product Marketing Manager.