ABRAFATI, the Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association, held a commemorative event on July 17 to celebrate the 33rd year of its founding and to unveil a new trademark.

The starting point for the design of this modern and stylish new trademark was a brazilin molecule — brazilin is the red pigment obtained from the brazilwood tree, which is associated both with the origins of Brazil and with paints. The hexagonal shape of this formula has been filled in with small circles that stem from ABRAFATI’s old symbol. The central circle represents ABRAFATI, which leads the way and boosts the industry in its permanent bonds with the actors represented by the other circles — its member companies, paint manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as retailers and product users, specifiers, applicators and consumers. It forms a hexagon that conveys a sense of movement and expansion, which reflects a strong, integrated and sustainable supply chain.