BALTIMORE — Terra Firma announced a new partnership with Solvay Silica and its Tixosil® precipitated silica technology. The company will represent Solvay throughout its entire territory, which includes the Northeast, Southeast and Southwest United States, effective Aug. 15, 2018.

Solvay Silica, a global business unit of the Solvay Group, is a leading provider of highly dispersible silica. It has eight industrial sites around the globe and four research and development laboratories that provide technical support and launch breakthrough solutions.

 “We are thrilled to enter Solvay’s family at a time when they are focusing substantial resources on new products and market development. We have been in the precipitated silica business since 1978, and our entire company is well versed in the markets and customer base. We look forward to a great partnership with the world’s number-two manufacturer of these novel silicas,” said William Chestnutt, President of Terra Firma.

The Terra Firma Co. is a super-multi-regional specialty chemicals distributor covering a wide array of chemical markets.