TOWSON, MD — Terra Firma has entered into a long-term relationship with Hudson Resources to market the company’s GreenSpar product line across all of its geographical coverage, which includes the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Midwest United States.

GreenSpar is a form of the mineral anorthosite (aluminosilicate), a rare compositional variety of plagioclase feldspar. It is unique in that it is very dense and has a high refractive index. It can be used as a premium mineral extender for interior paints requiring very good abrasion resistance and can also result in a stronger finish and cost savings as a resin filler in clear coatings.

Regarding thermoplastic end uses, GreenSpar offers high hardness, closed angular structure for low binder demand, and low refractive index.

Terra Firma CEO David Behan commented, “The Hudson story is quite special, like the product they are bringing to the North American market: an environmentally sustainable mining operation and a very distinctive, yet extremely large deposit of a mineral that can provide significant performance and environmental advantages over existing fillers. We feel that this product can have a tremendous impact on the paint and plastics industry.”

Jim Cambon, President of Hudson, said, “We are excited to be collaborating with Terra Firma for our entry into the North American paints, coatings and plastics markets. Their long history of success in the performance minerals market makes them the ideal partner.”

In addition to GreenSpar, the Hudson deposit at White Mountain in Greenland can be exploited to yield high-purity alumina and Anocrete, a CO2-free, heat-resistant form of concrete. The company was recently asked by space agencies to provide samples of its anorthosite for the purpose of simulating the lunar landscape, which has a geology similar to the one being mined by Hudson. The uniqueness of this mineral deposit has also resulted in a recent visit to the mine by the U.S. State Department as part of its assessment of strategic minerals, including the company’s Sarfartoq rare earth project.

Terra Firma is a privately held, multi-regional specialty chemical distributor with a primary focus in the C.A.S.E., construction and plastic markets along with several other complimentary markets.

Hudson, through Hudson Greenland A/S, owns 100% of the White Mountain Anorthosite mine in Greenland. The calcium feldspar mine is in operation and permitted for 50 years.