WAALWIJK, The Netherlands — Royal DSM announced that Baril Coatings has become the latest industry player to adopt the Decovery® plant-based resin for a new generation of sustainable paints.

Today, the Decovery family contains anywhere from 30% to 50% plant-based content (such as seeds, tree bark, corn and castor beans). It delivers a potential 34% carbon footprint reduction with zero-to-low VOCs, and all with no compromise on the performance of the paint compared to conventional crude-oil-based acrylic equivalent resins.

Baril Coatings, a family-run business with a long track record in striving to create sustainable paints, is using the Decovery resin to produce new plant-based products under the Copperant Altra umbrella. Copperant Altra Wall Paint is a multi-use matt wall paint suitable for both indoor and outdoor use on stony surfaces like concrete, masonry, plaster, sheet material and glass fabric. Copperant Altra Spackspray is a unique, 100% titanium white-free, matt spack spray paint suitable for indoor use on stony surfaces like concrete, masonry, (fresh) plaster and pre-treated sheet material.

Geert Duijghuisen, Managing Director of Baril Coatings, said, “We are pleased and proud to be launching this new range of plant-based paints made with Decovery. Our entire company is deeply passionate about sustainability, and we are prepared to make a stand on it, which is exactly why DSM is a natural innovation partner for us.” He continued, “As a society we need to face the fact that the planet is bigger than we are. It doesn’t need us, but we need the planet. By creating paint made from plants we no longer have to worry about availability of sustainable raw materials, but most importantly we can make a positive impact on global Co2 levels.”

The new Copperant Altra family performs equally to — and in some cases better than — traditional fossil-based paints. Extremely easy to apply and fast-drying with no odor, it delivers a range of future products that are already available today, meeting the needs of both professional painters and consumers alike, while boosting indoor air quality.

“Our partnership with Baril Coatings is yet another example of how we are seeing a growing momentum shift across the coatings value chain — increasingly led by consumers themselves — towards lovingly crafted products that respect the planet and our environment while delivering performance,” said Tineke Woort, Project Director for Decovery. “At DSM, our purpose is to create brighter lives for all. And while we still have a long road ahead before we reach our goal of 100% plant-based coatings, together with our partners we are proving that it really is possible to do well by doing good. Now we encourage other industry players to come and join us in this plant-based movement.”