ATLANTA — Huber | Martinswerk, part of the Huber Engineered Materials division of J.M. Huber Corp., announced a global price increase of up to 15%, depending on product grade and packaging, for its Martoxid® and Compalox® aluminum oxides, Martinal® and Hydral® fine precipitated hydrates and all other alumina trihydrate (ATH) grades. European price increases take effect Dec. 1 of this year; in North America and the Asia-Pacific, price increases take effect Jan. 1, 2019. Current contracts will be honored.

Prices for MAGNIFIN®, Zerogen® and Vertex® magnesium hydroxides and Kemgard® smoke suppressants will be increased in the mid-single-digit percent range.

Tightness in the supply of chemical grade alumina hydrate has resulted in significant cost increases. In addition, increases in the costs of other raw materials, energy, CO2 credits and freight are also contributing factors.