NEWPORT BEACH, CA – Award-winning interior architecture and planning firm H. Hendy Associates (Hendy) recently completed a new 230,000-square-foot corporate headquarters for Behr Paint Co. Hendy delivered an office environment that reflects the history and culture of Behr and Kilz paints and primers, supports the company’s growth, and inspires existing and new talent.

The new office features a variety of unique, urban spaces infused with state-of-the-art business technology to support employee collaboration and cross-functional work. Spaces include formal meeting, training and war rooms; ad-hoc workstations to foster teamwork and ideation; data and innovation areas; and the Behr Den, an indoor-outdoor space featuring a large patio with tiered seating. The den can also be used as an event space and is designed to comfortably fit 500 people.

A hallmark of the new space is a 30,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art research and development laboratory featuring unique graphics, art and access to natural light. Through Hendy’s vision, the Behr and Kilz laboratory has become a vibrant and inspirational space for the company’s R&D team.

“Behr’s new headquarters is a celebration of the company’s dynamic ethos, innovative mindset and respected personnel,” said Jennifer Walton, Principal and Project Director at H. Hendy Associates. “Our goal in this design was to create an intuitive workplace that gives employees a sense of community in a space that underscores the company’s brand at every turn.”

Drawing inspiration from the Behr and Kilz brand history, the office features two historic roads – Pacific Coast Highway and Route 66 – symbolizing Behr’s California roots and Kilz’s origin in St. Louis, Missouri. The routes serve as a gateway to unite employees across brands and departments, and remind them of the company’s rich past as they continue to move the company forward by building and delivering best-in-class products.

The new work environment also supports the company’s focus on health and wellness. Spaces include high exposed ceilings, natural light, a Zen garden-like atmosphere and walking paths.

“The new office design uniquely and seamlessly reflects our commitment to quality, innovation, value and performance — cornerstones of our success for more than 70 years,” said Jeff Filley, President, Behr Paint Co. “Each space captures the brand’s entrepreneurial spirit, commemorates our valued team members, imparts our unique company culture, and incorporates modern technology to enable us to fulfill our brand promise of delivering world-class products and services to our customers.”