COVENTRY, UK — The British Coatings Federation (BCF) has launched its new Coatings Careers Hub, a digital resource promoting career opportunities in the coatings, printing inks and wallcoverings industries. Increasing support from BCF members for a better, more accessible resource for careers in the industry prompted the initiative.

A focal point of the hub is the jobs board, which showcases vacancies at BCF member companies. Advertising vacancies on the Careers Hub is free for current BCF members. The hub also works to promote apprenticeships and the Coatings Training Institute, helping aspiring students to explore the industry in a way that best suits their needs. Finally, the hub features a video series of coatings industry professionals, demonstrating what a career in coatings actually entails.

Commenting on the hub, BCF’s Head of Marketing Tania Morrill said, “As a crucial part of our remit as a federation, we are increasing our efforts to promote opportunities in the coatings, printing inks and wallcoverings industries to the next generation of talent. Regular feedback that we receive from students is that it’s often difficult to find opportunities within our sectors, amongst the sea of job postings on jobs board platforms. With the Coatings Careers Hub, we now have one resource to direct interested individuals towards and will, going forward, make the hub an integral part of our promotional strategy in our talks with students and job applicants.”

Anyone interested in more information about the hub is asked to contact The hub is now live at with specific URLs for those in the printing inks and wallcoverings industries: and