LONG BEACH, CA - Ship & Shore Environmental Inc. (SSE), an environmental products and services company specializing in air pollution solutions, announced the launch of a new division called Ship & Shore Technologies (SST). The new group will feature SSE's latest product line expansion of scrubber systems. In addition to the scrubber line, SST will engineer, design and supply a full range of pollution, particulate removal and odor control equipment beyond current SSE's current scope. 

"The formation of Ship & Shore Technologies stems from several factors, including recent engineering, research and development activities; an increase of incoming projects; and the confidence we have in our process application knowledge. SST will play a major role in our pursuit of many new industries, such as pharmaceutical, wastewater and odor control," said Anoosheh Oskouian, President & CEO of Ship & Shore Environmental. 

SSE management and technical teams as well as Sam Shojaie, a pollution control veteran with scrubber technology expertise, will lead the new business group. Shojaie will be responsible for integrating a range of new solutions into the SST product line, including biological filters, mist eliminators, quenches, and a full range of scrubber products, such as the ionized wet scrubbers used for simultaneous removal of acid gasses and sub-micron particulates.