COLOGNE, Germany – With the Vibes Trend Report, Axalta Coating Systems has established a unique magazine that features colors and effects of metal substrates in architecture and design. Each report is filled with inspiration and provides a singular overview on how the different colors, textures and qualities of powder coatings can contribute to making projects and designs stand out.

In its seventh edition, the Vibes Trend Report features four new trend themes: sense, lavish, austere and visionary. With each trend featuring six colors, it is a selection of 24 new colors influenced by all corners of the world and is created to set the moods and spirits of the near future. The colors and hues alongside the spectacular facades, exceptional indoor and outdoor furniture, remarkable lightings, and other impressive design objects, tell the story of each trend theme.

The first trend report of 2019 also features Designer Vibes. In these stories, architects and designers from all around Europe report how they use color and powder coatings to give their projects, designs and objects a distinctive personality and special meaning.

The content of the Vibes Trend Report 1.2019 finishes up with information on color popularity. The data are based on 2018 actual sales and the Axalta Color It sample panel service. This digital tool has been developed to simplify the color selection process in architecture and design through a virtual surface coating and is an excellent indicator. It shows exactly what colors architects and designers are looking for.

Each edition of the Vibes Trend Report comes with a handy fan deck with sample panels of the colors highlighted in the magazine. For further information and for ordering the Vibes Trend Report, visit