Hockmeyer is showcasing two key products at Booth #203. The Hockmeyer NexGen Inline Mill is the cutting edge in recirculation milling equipment. It is a drop-in plug and play replacement for traditional horizontal mills utilizing lower media loads. NexGen is the only inline recirculation mill that uses vacuum to pull material into the media field, grinding under vacuum and producing rapid particle reduction while deaerating the product.

            The company’s Lab and Pilot MicroMill combines mixing and milling to achieve optimum particle size distribution, increasing production efficiency, and extraordinary quality. Immersion milling is a revolution in processing technology that defies comparison. Its unique design and method of operation surpasses all other systems, enabling the entire milling process to take place within a single water-cooled milling chamber. The Patented system uses circulation milling technology by rapidly pumping the slurry through the media field, and the patented basket guarantees an optimal flow and eliminates any possible ‘dead-zones’.