HAMBURG, Germany — As of April 2020, KRAHN Chemie Benelux BV will start distributing the precipitated silica products from PPG for ink, coating, adhesive and sealant applications in Benelux. This agreement extends the existing cooperation between the KRAHN Chemie Group and PPG in Italy, Poland and France.

The cooperation comprises a range of synthetic amorphous precipitated silica products, including PPG LO-VEL® flatting agents that reduce the gloss of coatings, paints, lacquers, varnishes and inks, while providing lower viscosity and better stir-in capability; PPG HI-SIL® thickening agents that help achieve desired rheology properties as well as anti-sag/suspension performance with minimal impact on other system properties; and PPG INHIBISIL® anti-corrosion pigments that are non-toxic and free of heavy metals.

“PPG holds a strong position in the silica market and is well-known for its broad and innovative range of high-quality precipitated silica products. We are pleased to expand our portfolio for the ink, coating, adhesive and sealant industry with the silica products PPG offers,” explained Cristian Groenewegen, Managing Director of KRAHN Chemie Benelux.

Gilles Gressier, PPG EMEA Business Director, Silica Products, said, “The previous cooperation with the KRAHN Group in Italy, Poland and France convinced us that their sales approach based on close relationships with their customers and deep technical understanding of the products is of high value for us as well as for our customers. We are sure that the extension of this trusting cooperation into the Benelux region is a well thought-out step.”

KRAHN Chemie is a chemical distribution company with a history spanning over 100 years. KRAHN’s core competence is the sales, marketing and distribution of specialty chemicals as well as heat transfer fluids.