GAINESVILLE, TX — Polychem announced the launch of OpenThrottle Powder, a one-stop shop for all job shop vehicle refinishing powder needs. Designed with hot rods, alloys, motorcycles and automotive refinishing in mind, OpenThrottle offers an exciting collection of 32 stocked powders available in 5-pound minimums.

Created using Polychem’s signature polyester technology, OpenThrottle features a range of powders that include primers and clears, candy colors, neons, translucents, and popular neutrals that can all be used on wheels, bikes and beyond.

Product information, color videos, troubleshooting tips, and contact information can all be found on, and the website is complemented by a free OpenThrottle color card and sample rings to check out the selection of colors.

“We’re really excited about OpenThrottle,” said Lauren Bayer, OpenThrottle Manager. “We wanted to make sure that job shops and refinishing outfits can access quality powder coatings that are stocked, are available in flexible quantities and of course are reasonably priced. The range is fantastic, from primers and clears to bright candy colors, sophisticated sparkles and metallics and some incredible neons, so there is something for every type of vehicle enthusiast.”

The OpenThrottle Collection is available now in flexible quantities as low as five pounds and free color cards and sample panels are ready to go from