ANTWERP, Belgium — Specialty chemicals distributor Azelis announced the release of its first sustainability report. The report covers Azelis’ 2019 group-wide sustainability performance and demonstrates how its commitments to sustainability are put into action, by creating shared value with innovative and sustainable products and having a positive impact on the communities around the globe.

Azelis’ strong focus on sustainability is in line with its strategy to become the global benchmark for sustainability in the chemicals and food ingredients distribution industry. Being a global service provider focused on the development of innovative formulations, sustainability has always been part of Azelis' identity. Soon after initial commitments to Responsible Care® and Responsible Distribution®, Azelis laid the groundwork for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program in 2015, following the Paris Agreement on climate change and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by the United Nations. Azelis’ CSR program is based on the United Nations Global Compact initiative, ISO 26000 and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and is built on 25 KPIs within four main pillars: people, sustainable procurement, fair business practices, and resources and environment.

Hans Joachim Müller, Azelis Chief Executive Officer, said, “Year 2020 marks a few important sustainability milestones for Azelis. After our second EcoVadis Gold rating and our membership to Together for Sustainability earlier this year, we are now excited to release our first sustainability report in which we bring Azelis’ global sustainability efforts to life. We hope that this report will influence and excite our partners about the ever-important sustainability journey, whilst also inspiring and exciting them about our transition to a sustainable business. We are confident that only a joint effort for more sustainable solutions will strengthen the relationships with our business partners who are equally responsible and equally dedicated, and will result in preservation of resources for future generations.”

Maria J. Almenar Martin, Group Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) and Sustainability Director, added, “It’s our genuine belief that only innovation and sustainable business models can offer long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers, as well as considerable benefits to society. We’re continually investing in the development of a new generation of sustainable formulations through the work done in our network of laboratories, whilst also introducing new initiatives to develop strategies that mitigate business risks as a consequence of climate change and social unrest. We hope this sustainability report gives our partners a clear view of our ambitions and goals, and our colleagues another confirmation of how sustainability is deeply-rooted in all we do.”