Engineered Polymer Solutions (EPS) produces performance-based polymers and resins, specifically designed for customers who develop innovative products for the architectural, industrial and construction coatings industries. They are exhibiting at Booth #20.

The company has modern, world-class manufacturing facilities and decades of test fence exterior exposure data from a variety of climates.

EPS recently launched a new line of resins for industrial wood coatings. The EPS® 2400 series builds on the legacy of innovative polymers already in use across Europe. EPS 2400 is a new line of six waterborne acrylic resins that wood coating formulators can use to develop high-performance solutions for industrial applications, as well as cabinetry, furniture and flooring.

· EPS 2420 is a binder for interior and exterior wood applications, such as multi-coat, enamels and varnishes with exceptional leveling properties and UV resistance. In-can transparency is a key feature of this product.

· EPS 2426 is a styrenated acrylic emulsion offering excellent early water resistance. It is used as a wood edge sealer for lumber.

· EPS 2430 is a self-crosslinking, all-acrylic dispersion used as a binder for high-quality wood coatings and delivers good clarity.

· EPS 2452 is used as the principal vehicle for white pigmented, high-performance furniture and wood finishes where IKEA R2 (coffee and ethanol resistance) performance is necessary.

· EPS 2454 is used as the principal vehicle for primers and self-sealers where high clarity, excellent penetration and minimal grain raising is required. This product has been specifically developed for oak to avoid undesired discoloration.

· EPS 2458 is a water-based, self-crosslinking all-acrylic binder for interior and exterior applications with very good in-can transparency and block resistance.

“Wood coatings formulated with the new polymers from EPS offer increased durability, excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, exceptional leveling and faster dry times,” said Christopher Farrell, from the Commercial Department of EPS. “The balance of properties found in the EPS 2400 line can help manufacturers streamline production and reduce manufacturing times.”

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