DORTMUND, Germany — The European Center for Dispersion Technologies (EZD) and the ORONTEC GmbH & Co. KG recently announced a strategic partnership in the field of online characterization of inks and paints for the optimization of dispersion and production processes. ORONTEC is a leading provider of system solutions for the paint and ink industry, focusing on process improvement through innovative technologies. Its mission is to enhance the competitiveness of manufacturing companies through the optimization of processes and systems. EZD, an institution of the German Plastics Center SKZ, is an interdisciplinary research and innovation center that focuses on the production and characterization of dispersions (e.g. adhesives, resins, inks and coatings). At the EZD, all relevant development work and services (e.g. consulting, contract research, product formulation, process optimization and analytical services) related to dispersions are offered to industrial customers.

Within the framework of the cooperation between ORONTEC and EZD, the following aspects will be pursued: process monitoring and quality assurance by using modern color measurement techniques in the production step (Industry 4.0), optimization of the dispersion process through process monitoring using color measurement techniques, development and use of online methods for the dispersion production, and the use of color measurement techniques for the development of inks and paints.

Besides the experience exchange between the partners in the field of production and characterization of inks and paints, a number of tests using the ORONTEC systems will be jointly carried out in the dispersion laboratories of the EZD. The partners have complementary expertise and are joining forces in order to significantly boost digitalization in the development and production of inks and paints.

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