KANSAS CITY, MO – Protective coatings manufacturer Tnemec Co. Inc. has acquired Epoxytec International Inc., a manufacturer of protective and structural-grade coatings and linings. The acquisition brings the two family-owned companies together to offer solutions in structural-grade epoxies on a larger scale.

Italian immigrant Joe Caputi established Epoxytec in 1990. After becoming an independent distributor for a specialty coatings company, Caputi eventually parted ways to form Epoxytec. In 2001, Caputi’s son Michael Caputi joined the business helping expand Epoxytec to offer services worldwide from its headquarters in Hollywood, Florida.

“I am proud of the business my father built that has led us to where we are today, and it’s a model we intend to keep,” said Michael Caputi. “We are excited to join another family-owned business where we can continue to put customer service and quality at the forefront of everything we do, as we have done for the last 30 years.”

Tnemec reports that Epoxytec has grown into a widely respected manufacturer in the trenchless rehabilitation market. The company focuses primarily on epoxy repair, coating and lining technologies for construction and industrial maintenance. In addition, its products offer protection of steel and concrete, covering a variety of industries such as water and wastewater, mining, energy, petroleum and gas, marine, and more.

With its success in water and wastewater solutions, it expanded to launch separate brands including CLADLINER for manhole rehabilitation and lining systems and MCOR Products, a line of specialty repair materials formulated to rehabilitate and protect against the effects of heat, abrasion and chemical attack in heavy industries.

“Bringing Epoxytec and its product portfolio under the Tnemec umbrella allows us to expand product availability of their high-performance technologies to all of our customers, while still maintaining the excellent reputation Epoxytec has built over the years,” said Chase Bean, President and CEO of Tnemec. “Now contractors can come to one place for all of their water and wastewater treatment plant and collection system coating needs, knowing they have the power of two industry-leading companies backing them.”

Epoxytec employees bring with them years of experience and expertise in the field. Like Tnemec, Epoxytec’s employees are skilled in services that include everything from job site inspections and prescribing products and application techniques to assisting engineers during system design. Contractors and specifiers can expect this level of service and support to remain.

To learn more about Epoxytec, visit www.epoxytec.com. Additional information about Tnemec is available at www.tnemec.com.