MOUNT PROSPECT, IL — A new blog service from Atlas can help users stay ahead of the curve with timely content covering trends in material testing, technological advancements, and instrumentation testing methods.

“Keeping current is crucial to staying competitive,” said Andreas Riedl, Atlas Director of Marketing. “That’s why we created the Atlas Weathering Blog. We’re committed to sharing our expertise in the areas of weathering and material durability testing, not just with our customers but with everyone who can benefit.”

Initial blog articles include: testing the durability of materials exposed to UVC radiation and a free tool for estimating the appropriate test duration; durability testing issues in the booming wearable electronics industry; and measuring sample surface temperatures while on test – a critical issue in photo-degradation and weathering testing.

The Atlas Weathering Blog is the newest addition to the Knowledge Center on the Atlas website, which offers a calendar of free online seminars, recorded educational presentations, webcasts, data, tools, and a brand new library of Technical Guides.

Read the blog here.