NILES, MI — Performance coatings specialty manufacturer NCP Coatings LLC announced its recapitalization by Century Park Capital Partners. Headquartered in Niles, Michigan, NCP develops and manufactures technologically advanced performance coatings solutions for the military, industrial, commercial and forestry end markets. NCP currently manufactures and supplies a broad range of high-performance technologies, including anti-corrosive epoxy systems, high-gloss urethane systems, market-leading polysiloxanes, unique specialty systems for forestry customers, and a wide range of MIL-SPEC approved military coatings.

NCP stated that its core business mission would not change. With the support of Century Park, NCP reports that it is poised to accelerate its growth and will continue to deliver solutions to its customers. The strategy will build on current NCP strengths and leverage Century Park’s track record in the specialty chemicals industry, adding additional capabilities by investing in talent, enhanced R&D capabilities, and expansion through strategic acquisitions.

NCP will be led by Century Park Managing Director and 25-year coatings industry executive, Doug Holmberg, who will serve as CEO and board member. Along with additional industry executives, Holmberg will join the current NCP management team to lead NCP in its next phase of growth.

“NCP has a unique mix of strong R&D and wide manufacturing capabilities, not often seen in coatings manufacturers of its size, while excelling in the customer closeness and responsiveness often only found in small companies. With this mix of technology, operational capabilities, and customer focus, NCP will form a strong foundation for the continued investment, innovation, and growth we envision,” said Holmberg.

Martin Sarafa, Managing Partner of Century Park, added, “Century Park is excited to invest in NCP. As a focused investment group, Century Park looks for businesses seeking to move beyond founder or family management. This is where additional investment of resources and capabilities is needed to take a company to its next level of growth. We see just such an opportunity with NCP. Recognizing NCP's strong technology and capabilities, we have full confidence in this experienced management team’s ability to take NCP to an entirely new competitive position within the industry. While we will actively seek acquisitions to complement NCP, we see strong organic growth as a key component to NCP's continued success.”

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