INDIANAPOLIS — Gema announced the introduction of its new Production Information tool, the GemaConnect®. Another leading Gema innovation, the GemaConnect provides users with full visibility of the current status and key performance indicators (KPIs) of their powder coating equipment, regardless of location or time.

GemaConnect is a web-based tool continually updating and storing powder coating data for comprehensive monitoring and analysis from a single source. Designed for all levels of responsibility within your company – business leaders, managers, production staff, and maintenance personnel – each user can access their customized data via the GemaConnect dashboard, allowing them to visualize and analyze their KPIs. Using this information, users can make quicker and more informed decisions on improving their powder coating process performance.

In addition to viewing real-time information on production, maintenance, and operational status of the plant, GemaConnect users can put customized indicators and favorites on their screens, allowing them to keep critical areas in view. The interactive platform also provides historical information about the performance and utilization of the plant, as well as relevant process parameters.

GemaConnect is suitable for all companies that want to improve their overall operational efficiency, maximize resources and reduce operating costs. For additional information call 800/628.0601 or visit