SOUTHFIELD, MI — Students across British Columbia, Canada, who are interested in the automotive industry will have a unique opportunity to design and manufacture their own toy pedal cars, thanks to the Automotive Retailers Association (ARA) hosting the event sponsored by BASF and Color Compass Corp.

Over the next three months, the ARA’s Pedal Car Challenge will provide a pedal car kit to participating schools. Students will be able to apply their unique creative abilities while building and/or modifying the car using provided specifications. The project will also help students understand the teamwork, discipline and dedication needed to be successful in the automotive field.

“Working in the automotive industry is fun and rewarding, and this project gives students a great example of what to look forward to in their careers,” said Mark Huisman, Business Manager for BASF Refinish Canada. “This is an industry where the sky really is the limit. We are committed to demonstrating how artistic and technical abilities come together to create beautiful, innovative solutions for the future of automotive. It all starts with involving them with fun projects like the ARA Pedal Car Challenge.”

Each completed car will be auctioned off to raise funds for the Automotive Retailers Foundation, a program that provides scholarships to students pursuing a career in the automotive industry.

“We appreciate BASF’s forward thinking in supporting students and Industry. It is only with business partners like BASF that we are able to make this idea a reality,” said Adrian Scovell, President and CEO of ARA.

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