PPG announced its inclusion in Forbes’ inaugural Mexico’s Best Employers list. The list recognizes companies based on independent surveys of roughly 10,000 employees working part-time or full-time in Mexico, and based on their willingness to recommend their own employers to friends and family. Forbes partnered with Statistica to complete the independent surveys. Employee evaluations also included other employers in their respective industries that stood out, either positively or negatively. Furthermore, the employees were asked questions about work-related topics, such as working conditions, salary, potential for development, and company image regarding their current employer.

“We have a positive impact in Mexico through the development of innovative products that adapt to the needs of Mexicans,” said Adriana Macouzet, PPG vice president, Latin America and general manager Protective and Marine Coatings, Latin America. “We have made the safety of our employees a business priority, something vital in today's environment. We could not receive recognition like this without the perseverance and commitment of all our employees.”

“We are proud to be recognized on this list alongside other great companies. We work to protect and beautify the world, and we achieve this thanks to the effort and dedication of our entire team,” said Javier Sosa, PPG vice president, Architectural Coatings, Latin America and president of PPG Comex. “This recognition is a testament to the work of those of us who are part of the company to make a difference in the communities and regions where we are present.”

“We have placed diversity, equity, and inclusion at the center of our strategy to ensure that all our employees, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, age, or religion, find the best place to grow and develop in the company. We periodically measure their satisfaction, which allows us to make the necessary adjustments to do better every day," said Sosa.

PPG has more than 7,500 employees in Mexico across 29 sites. It manufactures and sells paints and coatings for the aerospace, residential and commercial building, transportation, and electronics industries, among others. Well-known consumer paint brands include COMEX™, TOP™, MERIDIAN™, VINIMEX™, and PRO-1000™.

For more information, visit: www.mexico.ppg.com.