Future Markets, Inc. has released a new nanotechnology market report, titled The Global Market for Nanomaterials 2023-2033. Nanomaterials are increasingly becoming part of our daily lives and are already heavily used in products such as sunscreens (titanium dioxide/zinc oxide nanoparticles), sporting goods (carbon nanotubes, graphene etc.), conductive battery additives (carbon nanotubes, graphene etc.), automotive composites (nanotubes, graphene, cellulose nanofibers etc.), and high-definition TVs (quantum dots). According to the report, their use is only going to increase due to continued industry demand for nanomaterials for current and next-generation batteries, biomedical imaging, and flexible electronics.

Their novel properties, that are not apparent in larger forms of the same material, have led to their desirability and exploitation in a wide range of applications. Nanomaterials cover a range of materials: inorganic metal and metal oxide nanomaterials, carbon-based nanomaterials, and polymeric particulate materials in a variety of forms. Most nanomaterials are produced in multi-tonne volumes in varying sizes, shapes, and also in surface coatings.

The report includes:

  • Analysis of the global market for nanomaterials, producers, and products.
  • Analysis of many nanomaterials.
  • Assessment of nanomaterials market including production volumes, competitive landscape, commercial prospects, applications, demand by market and region, commercialization timelines, prices and producer profiles.
  • Analysis of global demand, including historical data from 2010, and projections to 2033, in metric tonnes.
  • Main application and product opportunities in nanomaterials.
  • Profiles of over 900 nanomaterials producers. Companies profiled include American Elements, Arkema, Ashai Kasei, Cabot Corp., Carbice Corp., Carbon Upcycling Technologies, C2CNT LLC, Daicel Corp., Fukuda, GS Alliance Co. Ltd., GS Bavaria GmbH, LG Chem, Mitsubishi Chemical Corp., Nanoco Group, Cabot Corp., Nemo Nanomaterials, Ossila, Promethean Particles, Strem Chemicals, Sumitomo Chemical, UP Catalyst, and Zeon Corp. 

The full report can be accessed here.