Evonik's coating additives business line is launching two new wetting agents: TEGO® Wet 290 and TEGO Wet 296. Both can be used for various substrates such as wood, plastic, and metal surfaces. The main areas of application are waterborne automotive and wood coatings.

Due to their consistent flow and leveling properties, TEGO Wet 290 and TEGO Wet 296 are suited for the automotive market, where the demand for glossy coatings with a unique color impression continues to grow. Manufacturers of wood coatings benefit from the excellent wood pore wetting which brings out the structure of the substrate particularly well.

The two additives differ mainly in their composition: TEGO Wet 290 consists of 100% polyether-modified siloxane and is therefore particularly suitable for formulations with requirements of low-volatile content. TEGO Wet 296 is a 52% solution of a polyether-modified siloxane in DPM (dipropylene glycol-methyl-ether), which works well in low-solids formulations, such as waterborne automotive basecoats.

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