BIRMINGHAM, MI - The Magni Group, a manufacturer of specialty coatings for fastener, brake and fuel systems, has acquired the coating technologies of GDCS Inc., a manufacturer of specialty coatings for brake rotors and drums and exhaust systems and mufflers.

Magni Group, based in Birmingham, MI, said GDCS is the largest supplier of black coatings for mufflers in North America.

Magni Group's product portfolio includes anticorrosion coatings and coatings designed to provide lubricity and conductivity properties that can improve product performance. The company's operations also include coating-application processes for auto parts and fasteners. Magni Group operates research and manufacturing sites in Detroit and Independence, KY, and metal-finishing plants in Troy, MI, and Rexdale, Ontario.

Magni Europe, based in Saint-Ouen, France, operates a research and development facility and supplies products for the European market.