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Acrylic Copolymer Emulsion
Noveon, Inc.
Carboset® CR-715 is a versatile acrylic copolymer emulsion that provides exceptional clarity, chemical resistance and durability in a wide variety of DIY clear wood applications, including brushing varnishes and floor-finish topcoats. Designed primarily for use in interior DIY clear wood-brushing varnishes, it is an excellent blending vehicle for Sancure® polyurethane dispersions. Coatings exhibit a natural appearance on wood, drying to a clear film and offering good depth of image. Call 216/447.5956.

Corrosion Inhibitors
HALOX 710 and HALOX 720 corrosion inhibitors are for super-durable powder coating applications. HALOX 710 has shown superior performance on aluminum and iron phosphate substrates. HALOX 720 has shown good, cost-effective performance on aluminum and iron phosphate substrates. The products are free-flowing, non-refractive white powders with low moisture content. They are easy to use and can be incorporated during the pre-mix stage of powder coating manufacture. Visit

White Calcium Carbonate
Glacier Stone
This company manufactures fine white calcium carbonate in Fletcher, NC. The Fletcher deposit is very unique for its color and location. The carbonate is manufactured in many different particle sizes, such as fine, medium and course granular, and can be packaged in 50-lb bags, supersacks and load bulk tankers. The company uses up-to-date quality-control instruments to produce dependable and consistent calcium carbonate. Call 828/687.1100.

Powder Coating Resins
FINE-CLAD M-8762, M-8792 and M-8912 are new additions to this company's line of specialty polyesters for powder coating applications. M-8762 is a pre-catalyzed carboxyl functional polyester resin designed to cure with bisphenol-A epoxy curatives at 50/50 ratios. M-8792 is a carboxylated polyester designed to cure with beta-hydroxyalkylamides to produce coatings with excellent exterior durability. M-8912 is a super-durable carboxyl functional polyester designed to cure by PT-910 crosslinkers for powder coatings featuring excellent weathering resistance, excellent mechanical properties and good storage stability. Visit