The industry's latest offerings

UV Absorber from Ciba Specialty Chemicals
Ciba® TINUVIN® 477 DW, a high-performance liquid UV absorber offering long-wavelength UV light protection with outstanding photo-permanence for coatings and adhesives on wood, plastics and glass, is also a waterborne product. This attribute makes it a VOC-free UV absorber. It offers durable protection and full transparency in an easy-to-use water-soluble formulation.

Silicone Residue Remover by RPM Technology, LLC
Di-Aqua is an aqueous-based product designed for the removal of silicone residues. It effectively emulsifies silicone oils, greases and uncured elastomers, as well as adhesive tape residues from virtually all surfaces including floors, equipment and printed circuit boards. Di-Aqua is not hazardous and does not contain chlorinated, fluorinated, aromatic or hydrocarbon solvents, or phosphates. E-mail

Photoluminescent Universal Dispersions from TriVona Innovations, LLC
Company has developed a series of submicron long-afterglow universal photoluminescent dispersions. These dispersions are highly concentrated and manufactured in such a way as to minimize or eliminate settling and to provide the consumer with ease of incorporation into a variety of coatings, inks, plastics and polymeric systems. These liquid concentrates are cost effective, stable and very easy to blend with water-, solvent- and oil-based systems. Visit or

Self-Dispersing Pigments with Heubach
Company offers self-dispersing inorganic-organic hybrid pigments that stir in like instant coffee and eliminate the need for further milling in most applications. Autosperse are low-dust pigment powders with universal applicability in solvent- and powder-based coatings, and are compatible with hydrocarbon, air-drying, alkyd, oven-drying alkyd, urea aldehyde, melamine aldehyde, nitrocellulose, acrylates, VC-co-polymers and epoxy resins. E-mail

Dispersant from Troy Corp.
Troysperse SD100 is a high-performance additive for the dispersion of inorganic pigments such as titanium dioxide, iron oxide and extender pigments in nonaqueous formulations. It increases the speed of dispersion, and thereby helps reduce milling time. Furthermore, the product decreases the viscosity of the pigment dispersion paste and assists in maintaining separation of the pigment particles. Visit

Fast-Curing Polyetheramines by Huntsman Corporation
JEFFAMINE® XTJ-590 amine is a fast-curing polyetheramine.It can be used alone or blended with standard polyetheramines for epoxy curing, polyamide preparation or applications requiring high-purity reactive diamines. XTJ-590 is a relatively low-molecular-weight, reactive polyether diamine. As an epoxy curing agent it provides epoxy systems with good mechanical properties, excellent impact and thermal shock resistance. Call 281-719-4175.

Elementis Specialties Thickener
BENTONE® DE easy-dispersible hectorite clay thickener is designed for architectural coating systems to improve suspension control and to prevent syneresis. It can also improve the scrub resistance of the coating. Compared to cellulosic and acrylic thickeners, it gives better levelling and moisture resistance. Due to its fine particle size and the special beneficiation process, the product can be easily dispersed and activated without the need for high shear forces. Another advantage over standard clay-type thickeners is the possibility to make a high-solids pregel. Visit

Alkyd Emulsions by Cytec Surface Specialties
RESYDROL® VAF 6111w/60WA and RESYDROL AF 6120w/62WA coating emulsions are 100-percent alkyd and use patented core-shell carrier technology, which means trim enamels, wood coatings, wall coatings and stains can be developed to give excellent performance properties with VOCs as low as 0-100 g/L. These emulsions allow formulators to eliminate the need for amine neutralization or a coalescing solvent. Visit