The 2001 global thermosetting powder coatings market of over 900,000 tonnes is valued at approximately EUR 3.6 billion (US$ 3.2 billion). Europe leads the way with approximately 43%, Asia 26%, North America with 23%, and the rest of the world with 8%. Penetration of powder coatings differs by country and region from 4% up to 15%.

Irfab reports there is still plenty of room for increased penetration of powder coatings in the world paints arena.

With growth rates that vary by region from 4.5-10% per year, by the year 2003, the global powder coatings market will reach the one million tonnes (2.2 billion lbs) mark.

Polyester-epoxy hybrids dominate the powder coatings industry, representing on a global scale approximately 55% of the market, followed by polyesters, epoxies, polyurethanes and acrylics.

Average country or regional prices across the board vary considerably, from highs of approximately EUR 6.40/kg to EUR 2.30/ kg. In certain areas prices are in free fall.

These are some of the striking conclusions from a strategic market and technology assessment study conducted by Irfab Chemical Consultants, sponsored by major chemical and liquid and powder coatings companies worldwide. The study, "Powder Coatings Europe 2001-2010 - A Global Comparison: Europe, Americas, and Asia," covers more than 50 countries and 200 manufacturing sites globally.

After the turmoil in the global markets during 2000-2001, Irfab recognized the need to re-appraise several market segments. In compiling this report, great attention has been given to the correct 2001 data input. This has resulted in a true and realistic 2001 situation and forecast of growth in this global market to the year 2010.

The study deals with low-temperature and radiation-curing powders, e.g., on wood and other temperature-sensitive substrates, thin-film technology, high-speed continuous coil coating, pre-cut metal blanks, and automotive OEM. It provides market information by country, application segment and type of chemistry; consumption of raw materials; novel TGIC replacement curing agents; and company profiles of both powder coatings manufacturers and raw material suppliers. Selected product literature from raw materials manufacturers worldwide is provided as an attachment.

The differentiated penetration of powder coatings compared to low-solids, high-solids solventborne, waterborne and radiation-curable coatings in the different regions of the world is presented.

This study bears all the usual trademarks of an Irfab report, allowing for concise and accurate forward planning by industry leaders in global markets.

The report is useful for corporate business and R&D decision makers, and provides tools for strategic decision-making to identify untapped opportunities and explore new geographical markets.

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