PITTSBURGH -- PPG Industries Inc. says it has developed a "breakthrough" advance in powder-coatings technology that is reported to offer significant improvements in mar and scratch resistance in a range of finishing applications.

The company said its new ENVIROCRON XMR powder coatings "have approached the mar performance usually associated with porcelain enamels, as measured by commonly used industry tests."

"This represents a huge leap forward in powder-coating technology," said Rob Edwards, PPG director of Global Powder Operations. "This new technology has the potential to have a huge impact in any industrial application where the scratch resistance of the coating is beneficial."

PPG said the new powder technology has undergone extensive testing at the company's Coatings Research and Development Center in Allison Park, PA. The company said ENVIROCRON XMR coatings are being offered in a range of powder coating chemistries, including pigmented and clear formulations.