Products to watch for

EMD Chemicals Inc.
Minatec® 230 A-IR is a light-grey pigment especially designed to improve the infrared radiation absorbency of light-colored paints. It has minimal or no influence on the lightness of the paint in the visible range. Improved IR absorbency leads to shorter drying times. Colorstream® Tropic Sunrise is a multicolor effect pigment that demonstrates a color change from refreshing green through elegant silver to tropical red and orange, depending on the angle of observation. The transparent properties of Colorstream T10-03 Tropic Sunrise allow for it to be used in conjunction with organic and inorganic colorants as well as other effect pigments. Visit

Low-Odor Coalescent
Eastman Chemical Company
Optifilm Enhancer 400 is an extremely low-VOC, low-odor coalescent for the U.S. architectural coatings market. It allows the formulation of very low-VOC paints with minimum performance compromise. It can be used as the sole coalescent in products such as low-odor, very low-VOC paints, or it can also be blended with Texanol Ester Alcohol or Eastman EEH solvent to further optimize the balance between VOC and performance properties. Visit

Polyurethane Polyols
Polycin® D, T & M Series of polyurethane polyols are hydroxyl-terminated ricinoleate derivatives that react with typical engineering resins to form urethanes for elastomers, coatings, resins, sealants and electrical applications. These products are available with a range of standard functionalities and handle the range of performance requirements from VOC modification to physical properties modification. These castor-based polyols offer excellent pot life and respond quickly to small additions of standard urethane catalysts for faster curing systems. Call 800/227.2436.

Polyurethane Dispersion
Noveon, Inc.
Sancure® 20041 waterborne polyurethane dispersion minimizes VOCs while providing durability and protection in coatings for clear wood finishes. The solvent-free product, which is made without the use of NMP, resists marring and scuffing, offers water resistance and light stability, producing tough, clear, high-gloss films. It also enhances adhesion to substrates, allowing easy and even application of coatings formulations. Visit

Low-VOC Additives
Michelman offers ultra low-VOC and highly effective additives for waterborne sealants under 300 GMs/L. ASTM D4446 swellometer tests conducted on southern yellow pine showed that these additives significantly perform better than leading waterborne sealants. These low-VOC additives can also help reduce total plant emissions of VOCs and HAPs, which can help meet stringent permit requirements and possibly eliminate the need for expensive air-pollution-control equipment. Visit

Curing Agent
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Anquawhite™ 100 is a waterborne curing agent dispersion designed for use in ambient- or heat-cure two-part epoxy systems. It can be formulated with a variety of epoxy resins and waterborne epoxy dispersions while maintaining VOC levels less than 100 g/l. Due to its dispersion nature, it can be formulated to high solids while maintaining low viscosity and fast dry. Call 610/481.1340.

Barrier Pigments
Huber Engineered Materials
HuberGuard® engineered barrier pigments are designed for the toughest chemical and corrosion applications. Their surface chemistry and low oil absorption enable formulations at higher solids and lower VOCs with great shelf stability. Typically, voids can occur at the pigment-binder interface, allowing elements to penetrate the coating. HuberGuard is engineered to improve adhesion to the binder and provide a more dense film, thus providing better protection. Visit

Nano Additives
NANOBYK-3600 and NANOBYK-3601 are based on nanotechnology. Created jointly by BYK-Chemie and Nanophase Technology Corp., these products have been developed to improve the scratch and wear resistance in all types of UV coatings. NANOBYK-3600 is a water-based dispersion of nano-Alumina particles for water-based UV coatings, and NANOBYK-3601 is a dispersion of nano-Alumina in Tripropylene Glycol Diacrylate developed for UV/EB and 100% UV-curable coatings. Call 203/265.2086.

Polyester Polyols
Priplast™ polyols allow coatings formulators to prepare polyurethane dispersions with improved hydrolytic stability and performance characteristics. They contain a hydrocarbon structure that makes them hydrophobic in nature, enabling them to overcome the hydrolytic stability problems of typical polyesters. Formulators can create stable polyurethane dispersions that offer low-temperature flexibility, hydrolytic resistance, substrate protection, adhesion to low-energy substrates, ethanol resistance and UV resistance. Call 302/574.1374.