new industry products

Air Products and Chemicals
Surfynol® MD-20 molecular defoamer offers defect-free foam control with dynamic wetting, long-lasting defoamer efficacy, ease of incorporation and good compatibility without separation. The product has wide compounding latitude and is synergistic with typical wetting agents for formulation simplification. The defoamer eliminates microfoam and is a 100%-active, solvent-free and clear liquid. Call 800/345.3148 or e-mail

This company's fluorosurfactant technology has been branded 3M™ Novec™ fluorosurfactants. Current Novec fluorosurfactants, FC-4430 and FC-4432, are non-ionic, polymeric fluorochemical compounds that provide excellent wetting, leveling and flow control for a variety of waterborne, solventborne and high-solids organic polymer coating systems. They are recommended for use in non-dispersive, permanent industrial coatings. Call 651/733.1566.

Matting Agents
ACEMATT® HK 440 is an untreated, efficient matting agent designed to meet market needs for matte surfaces in the coatings industry. Specifically developed for applications requiring low gloss-to-sheen ratios (60°/85°), it provides an excellent surface appearance and good viscosity stability. New EXP 3200-1 and EXP 3300-1 matting agents are designed to impart a soft, velvety touch. Formulated in coatings for automotives, electronics and plastics, EXP 3200-1 and EXP 3300-1 can provide a wide spectrum of tactile properties, from silky to velvety to almost rubber-like. Visit

Rheology Modifiers
King Industries
K-STAY® 501 rheology modifier is designed to prevent sag without affecting gloss in non-aqueous systems. It is effective in both ambient and high-temperature systems where it imparts catalytic properties. The K-STAY 700 Series has been designed to offer formulators of waterborne systems a range of products to obtain a specific rheological profile and performance attributes. Advantages include zero VOCs, ease of incorporation, and less pigment flood and float. Call 203/866.5551 or e-mail

Acrylic Emulsion
Arolon® 848 is an acrylic emulsion designed to produce durable coatings that offer very good corrosion and humidity resistance, even in coatings as thin as 1 mil. Other features include good thin-film prohesion and hardness, good flexibility, excellent block resistance, inhibitive pigment stability and excellent adhesion to various plastics and metals, including galvanized steel. Call 800/431.1920 or visit

Latex Products
UCAR Emulsion Systems, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Co.
Four new latex products for architectural coatings have been introduced. UCAR™ Latex 657 offers all-acrylic performance for interior applications. It provides washability and color retention in interior flats. NeoCAR™ Latex 2310 introduces new high film-build technology for flat wall finishes, offering inherent film-build and excellent touch-up properties. NeoCAR Latex 2305 offers expanded performance in pigment binding and alkali resistance. It is designed for creating exterior finishes for masonry substrates and can also be used in interior flats. UCAR Latex 301 is a high-solids vinyl acrylic technology that offers flexibility in free water while offering scrub resistance, color acceptance and touch-up. It provides superior performance across the VOC and PVC range. Visit

Polymer for Powder Coatings
AGA Chemicals Inc.
Lumiflon LF-710F is a 100%-solid polymer for powder coatings. The product boasts a 90-98% application rate (vs. 70-80% in solvent grades) and compliancy with international VOC environmental standards. It is ideal for automobile parts, window frames, patio furniture and bicycles. It is the only polymer powder that is immediately VOC-compliant and needs no special equipment for processing. Visit or call 704/357.5092.

Sartomer Co.
Krasol® HLBH-P 3000 weather-stable resin is an odorless, water-clear, saturated aliphatic liquid polyol. The saturated nature of the resin makes it light- and weather-stable, which enables formulators to develop polyurethane coatings that will not yellow or lose their critical mechanical properties, such as flexibility, adhesion, elongation and strength. It has a molecular weight of 3000 and bears terminal primary hydroxyl functions. Call 800/SARTOMER.