The industry's latest offerings from Dow Corning, Rahn, GE Plastics and more.

  • Silane for Concrete Protection

    DOW CORNING: Dow Corning® Z-2306 Silane, a high-purity isobutyltriethoxysilane, can be used to formulate water-repellent products that protect concrete structures from water absorption and chlorine ion ingress. When diluted with an appropriate solvent and applied properly, the solution will penetrate and provide water repellence by chemically reacting with the cementitious substrate. Treated substrates are hydrophobic and inhibit water absorption to increase resistance to cracking and retain their original performance and appearance. Visit

  • Solvents

    ADVANCED AROMATICS: Advasol 200H and Advasol 140H solvents are designed for use in paints and coatings, agricultural chemicals, industrial degreasers and oil field chemicals. These hydrodesulfurized solvents feature extremely low levels of sulfur (<15 parts per million) and naphthalene (<1%). The high flash point solvents also boast excellent solvency properties, measured by a high Kb value (>100), and water-white color to broaden the appeal for low-color applications like paints and coatings. Visit

  • UV-Curable Oligomers

    RAHN: GENOMER* 5142 and GENOMER* 5161 oligoamines are acrylated amine synergists for radically curable inks, coatings and adhesives. In combination with a photoinitiator type II, they improve cure speed and surface cure. GENOMER* 2280 is a modified bisphenol A epoxyacrylate and offers an excellent balance of properties. Compared with standard bisphenol A epoxyacrylates, it features greater flexibility and toughness while maintaining fast cure response, high resistance properties and high hardness. Visit

  • Conductive Resin for Powder Coatings

    GE PLASTICS: Company offers a family of conductive Noryl GTX™ resins that are optimized for powder coatings. These unique materials - slated to join GE's growing ecomagination™ product portfolio - contain conductive fillers that eliminate the need to apply an electrostatic primer. Because the materials were designed for powder coating operations, these conductive resins can replace metal substrates, offering increased design freedom and eliminating costly and potentially hazardous chemical pre-treatments. Also, the Noryl resin grades make it possible to powder-coat metal and plastic on the same production line for economies of scale and uniform aesthetics. Visit .