New products from Clariant, Air Products, CVC Specialty, and more.

Red Pigment

Clariant Ltd.: PV Fast Red D3G is a high-performance pure red pigment (Colour Index P.R. 254) that stands out by high color strength and excellent fastness properties. It offers superior end-use properties and is especially suited for coloring polyolefins. In addition, it meets all food-packaging requirements. Shortly this pigment type will also be available as a dust-free and very easy-to-dose product under the trade name DrizPearls® Red D3G. The company also offers Hostaperm® Red D2G 70, another red pigment in Colour Index P.R. 254 that is suitable for plastics coloration. Visit

Emulsion and Surfactant

Air Products: Airflex® EF9100 emulsion and DynolTM 607 surfactant are two products helpful to formulators looking to solve the EPA's PFOA (perfluorooctanic acid) reduction program challenges. The program invites companies to reduce PFOA releases and its presence in products by 2010, and eliminate them by 2015. Airflex EF9100 emulsion is a barrier coating. Dynol 607 surfactant is a low-foam wetting agent that provides excellent equilibrium and dynamic surface tension performance. Visit

Anti-Graffiti Coating

SEI Chemical: Graffiti Proofer Aerosol prevents any form of graffiti from adhering to protected surfaces, making clean-up as easy as wiping a surface with a dry cloth. The product is a clear, durable, chemical-resistant and anti-stick coating that will literally not let paint, permanent marker, adhesives and stickers adhere to it. Graffiti can be removed with a dry paper towel, generic cleaners, pressure washing or with your bare hand. Visit

Aliphatic Modifier

CVC Specialty Chemicals, Inc. : ERISYS® GE-25 is a low-viscosity, difunctional aliphatic modifier that can be used for viscosity modification of viscous resin compositions with minimal effect on physical and thermal performance properties. Long available in Europe and Asia, this modifier has not generally been available in the U.S. Samples can be ordered by calling 856/533.3000.