KONSTANZ, Germany - Ceresana, a market research company, has devoted its latest study to the industrial application of antioxidants. The study presents more than 500 pages of information about the market, which reached a worldwide volume of 0.88 million tons and a value of $3.7 billion (€2.4 billion) in 2007. With an annual growth rate of 3.9 percent, the volume of antioxidants is expected to reach 1.25 million tons in 2016.

The report discusses more than 25 areas of application and their respective amounts of demand, divided by global regions. It not only examines 90 types of antioxidants and their detailed technical attributes, but also examines company profiles of the 68 most important manufacturers.

The study is available in English or German from Ceresana Research. Visit www.ceresana.com/en/ for more information.