CHICAGO - Atlas Material Testing Technology is offering two new services focused on the solar market: Solar Simulator Classification services and I-V Curve tracing services. Both services are offered by Atlas' Solar/PV Center of Excellence in Phoenix, AZ. The services will help companies in the solar industry substantiate product warranty and efficiency claims.
Photovoltaic (PV) testing standards require the use of specific classes of solar simulators to determine performance measurements. Atlas uses a portable, high-speed, multi-channel OL 770 device, measuring between 380 and 1100 nm, to verify that customers' testing instruments meet the standards that classify solar simulators for PV testing. These measurements should be a regular part of all simulator service and maintenance schedules. Atlas' classification service meets the requirements described in IEC 60904- 9, Photovoltaic Solar Simulator Performance Requirements for qualifying solar simulation for IEC 61215 testing.
Atlas also now provides accurate I-V curves for a single PV module up to a 50-kilowatt PV system. Atlas utilizes a self-contained Daystar DS-100C I-V curve tracer that auto-scales to 600 volts and has 10 and 100 ampere current ranges. The DS-100C includes tools to normalize, plot, analyze and print the I-V curves. It also offers an auto-curve mode that will capture and store I-V curves when certain preset conditions are met. Because this equipment is portable, Atlas technicians can perform measurements in the field on modules or arrays anywhere in the world.
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