DSM Powder Coating Resins launched Uralac® Corres – a new technology platform, based on breakthrough innovative polyester resins for corrosion protective coatings. The first product from this line, Uralac P 7604 is specifically developed for topcoat and primer applications, and provides exceptionally good corrosion protection in metal coating.

For topcoat applications, the unique Uralac Corres technology offers the possibility to significantly reduce and sometimes completely eliminate chemical pre-treatment steps. What this means for professional coaters is that with Uralac Corres the metal coating process can be made easier.

This new technology brings another big advantage to the coating process. Through the reduction of pre-treatment chemicals used, less process waste is created, and so Uralac Corres can contribute to a significant reduction of the metal coating process impact on the environment.

Formulated as a primer, Uralac Corres can replace epoxy. The performance of epoxy-free Uralac Corres is equal to, or better than, conventional epoxy-based systems, but with a much better environmental footprint. As an additional benefit, Uralac Corres reduces the risk of delaminating between layers – a traditional drawback of epoxy-based primers.

Whether used as a topcoat, or as a primer application, Uralac Corres is a polyester resin for corrosion protective coatings that increases operational efficiency in an eco-friendly way. Patrick Niels, Business Unit Director DSM Powder Coating Resins comments, “We specifically developed Uralac Corres to respond to the growing market demand for more environmental friendly coating systems. Uralac Corres stands for eco-friendliness and superior performance and opens a new window of opportunity for corrosion protective coatings. Its introduction will further strengthen our position as a leading sustainable supplier to the powder coating industry.”