CARRABASSETT, ME - Information Management Institute Inc. (IMI) is offering the course, Surface Tension, Wetting & Capillarity. The course presents the most important principles and their application in all aspects of printer design.
Course Leader, Professor Abraham, Department of Chemical Engineering, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology said, “This course will present the concepts and measurement techniques that are required in order to understand how surface tension, wetting and capillarity affect printing processes. The first goal will be to develop the understanding of surface tension and interfacial tension, which are essential properties of the materials involved in printing systems. Then, the various modes of wetting and capillarity penetration, which are the basic processes underlying most printing operations, will be discussed.”
“This course is directly relevant to anyone working in the fields of ink jet ink formulation and development, substrate development – such as papers, films coatings as well as metal, glass or other nonporous substrates – and the development of ink jet print heads,” continues IMI President, Al Keene.
The course, offered July 29-30, 2009, is one of six IMI’s Digital Printing Summer Camp 2009 courses being held at the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel, Carrabassett Valley, ME.
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