VANTAA, Finland - Alcro-Beckers AB is the first company to receive the Nordic Eco-label known as "the swan" for its exterior paints. Alcro-Beckers AB is part of the Finnish Tikkurila that is responsible for Kemira's paints and coatings business. The recognition reflects Tikkurila's long-term environmental focus, which aims at developing paints with the smallest possible impact on the environment; the company has decided to limit 99 percent of its paint selection exclusively to waterborne products by the end of 2010.
The Nordic Eco-label is the official environmental label of the Nordic countries. It sets strict requirements on the entire lifecycle of products, from raw materials to production and use, and finally to disposal of waste.
The quality of a product displaying the Nordic Eco-label must be on the same level, or exceed that of products without eco-labels. Tests carried out by the Nordic Eco-label show that Alcro-Beckers’ eco-labeled paints have excellent resistance to flaking, cracking and blistering. They maintain their gloss and color while also protecting the painted surface from algae and fungal growth.