BERLIN - Beckers Group has issued its first Sustainability Report. The report describes the company´s breakthrough products, process development and the current focus on sustainable innovation in the group´s R&D labs. It also reports on the strategic foundation on which Beckers Group builds its sustainability planning, based on its vision, values and a science-based definition of sustainability. This is Beckers Group´s first Sustainability Report and it fulfills the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative.

Highlights from the report include: environmental targets developed to reduce VOC by five percent, waste by 10 percent and energy by five percent; total greenhouse gas emissions from business travel decreased by 11 percent; Code of Conduct fully implemented throughout the organization; long-term development lab in UK gained ISO 17025 accreditation for the testing of solar reflectance and emittance of coatings and painted surfaces; and lost-time injury performance target achieved.

In line with Beckers Group´s sustainability vision, this report will only be available electronically on the group´s website at