BERLIN – Beckers Group has issued its new Sustainability Report. This is the group´s third report, and it outlines the company´s highlights, product and process developments, global goals, and local initiatives. It also outlines the group´s vision to be the most sustainable coatings company, to be an employer of choice and to be a sustainable solutions provider.

The new report details some of the company´s social-responsibility projects as well as how Beckers adheres to standards of transparent and ethical governance. “Beckers has always viewed sustainability as one of its drivers for operational excellence and an opportunity to gain a competitive edge,” said Dr. Boris Gorella, CEO, Beckers Group.

The report fulfills the requirements of GRI, the Global Reporting Initiative (G3.1 Application Level C). Highlights from the report include: bio-based coil coatings, a global system for environmental health and safety, a global Loss Prevention Standard, and the opening of a new plant in Indonesia.

The company’s efforts have led to several tangible improvements since 2013, including a reduction of VOC emissions by 10 percent, a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of 8 percent, reduced waste generation of 6 percent, and a three-percent reduction in water consumption.

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