SHENYANG, China – A new DuPont development laboratory and manufacturing facility in China are accelerating the adoption of coatings with improved environmental performance by Chinese automakers. The technical center, located in Shanghai, China, and the manufacturing operations in Changchun, China, allow DuPont scientists to respond to their customers’ needs quickly and efficiently.
“The water-based coatings we have introduced in China not only perform well and look great, but they also help reduce emissions of VOCs, which can contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone or smog,” said B.C. Chong, Vice President and General Manager -- DuPont Automotive OEM Coatings.
For example, the new Shanghai General Motors plant at Shenyang, is located just west of the DuPont Changchun plant. It will use DuPont water-based coatings produced at the Changchun facility. Shanghai General Motors is a joint venture between General Motors and the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. The site has an annual capacity of 150,000 cars.
DuPont also has introduced newly developed solvent-based automotive coatings in China. Unlike traditional paints, these products contain higher levels of pigment, or solids, which allow them to be applied with reduced emissions of VOCs.