NORCROSS, GA – Frank J. Sutman, of Ashland Hercules Water Technologies, has been designated one of nine TAPPI Fellows for 2010. Fellow is an honorary title given to individuals who have made extraordinary technical or service contributions to the industry and the association.
“Sutman has been closely involved in the Water Removal Committee since he joined TAPPI in 1983,” said Larry N. Montague, President of TAPPI. “He has worked his way up through the ranks of the organization, providing invaluable advice and talents to TAPPI. He has consistently demonstrated the highest standards of TAPPI volunteerism, knowledge and commitment.”
Sutman began his career with Great Northern Paper Co., Millinocket, ME, as a Senior Research Engineer and then served with Georgia Pacific Corp./Great Northern Paper Co. as Quality Assurance Supervisor and Technical Director. For 16 years, he worked for Hercules Pulp and Paper Division/BetzDearborn Paper Process Group/Betz Paperchem Inc. as Senior Research Scientist in Jacksonville, FL. In 2006 he became a Research Fellow with Ashland Hercules Water Technologies in Wilmington, DE. In 2009, he assumed the role of Global R&D Platform Lead with Ashland Hercules. His technical focus is development of water-soluble polymers for papermaking applications.
Sutman has published more than a dozen technical papers and holds six patents in the field of papermaking chemistry. He received the TAPPI Engineering Division Leadership and Service Award in 2005.
Sutman has held numerous leadership positions since joining TAPPI in 1983, including Chairman of the TAPPI Engineering Division, Chairman of the TAPPI Water Removal Committee, Chairman of the PaperCon Steering Committee and the TAPPI Papermakers/PaperCon Fun Run Committee. He is a past member of the IPST Recycle Elective Research Consortium Advisory Group and the IPST Papermaking PAC. Additionally, he is former Vice President, North America, International Association of Scientific Papermakers.