AkzoNobel Specialty Plastics Coatings and Soliant have teamed up to provide the automotive industry a comprehensive selection of decorative finishing products for automotive interiors.

AkzoNobel Specialty Plastics Coatings and Soliant have teamed up to provide the automotive industry with the most comprehensive selection of decorative finishing products for automotive interiors. Following AkzoNobel’s acquisition of Soliant in 2008, the two companies have combined their resources to become the industry’s only single-source for multiple decorative finishing technologies, including liquid performance coatings, film, digital image printing systems and special effects. Included in the portfolio are the award-winning Soliant paint and bright films – chrome alternatives offering environmental benefits over traditional chroming technologies.

“We’re offering customers worldwide a ‘one-stop-shop’ advantage as a company specializing in decorative systems for the entire cockpit, said Percy Lidback, General Manager, Americas, AkzoNobel Specialty Plastics Coatings. “By offering multiple options for interior decorative finishing, we are able to provide the best and most wide-ranging solutions for innovative styling and appearance of controls, displays and signage with durability for all touch points.”

Unique Interior Appeal

Interior surface solutions in any color and finish – including eco-friendly Fluorex® bright film (chrome effects), metallics, pearls and tricoats – result in unique product differentiation. A variety of chemistries to satisfy the most demanding chemical resistance requirements are available. AkzoNobel Specialty Plastics has patented and pioneered many of today’s most exciting advances in coatings technology, including reflective printing films, soft-feel coatings, UV and special effects, and continues advancements with new technologies.

Product Design and Manufacturing Expertise

AkzoNobel Specialty Plastics Coatings offers automotive interior designers and manufacturers industry expertise in product and process design and manufacturing. Industry experts in thermoforming, injection molding and extrusion determine best products and manufacturing processes for consumer appeal, weight reduction, cost effectiveness and speed-to-market advantages. This service is enhanced with AkzoNobel’s exclusive 3-D rapid prototyping system. The heart of the 3-D system is a global management system and technology team approach that works in coordination with ODMs, OEMs and molder applicators to assure design integrity from start to finish anywhere in the world.

Many leading brands look to the insightful guidance of AkzoNobel’s renowned Foresee Color Trend Group to better understand and forecast the hottest industry trends for color and style.  Data from global trends derived from renowned internal and external sources is provided to support recommendations. AkzoNobel has fostered numerous information exchange partnerships to build credibility within the Color Group network.

AkzoNobel Specialty Plastics Coatings services automotive customers worldwide from their Soliant and AkzoNobel office and manufacturing plants in Lancaster, South Carolina and Columbus, Ohio; global design center TechniCoat International, near Antwerp, Belgium; and regional Design Center near Chicago, IL.

For more information, contact Don Stankus, Business Development Manager, 810/287.9069, or e-mail don.stankus@akzonobel.com.