MALVERN, UK - Organizers of the two-day Particle Summit, which takes place near Boston on Oct. 20-21, 2010, have announced two additional speakers for the event.

Joerg Bolze, from analytical X-ray company PANalytical, will present “Nanoparticle size distribution determination by small-angle X-ray scattering on a multi-purpose X-ray diffractometer platform.” He will include a short introduction to the SAXS technique, together with application examples illustrating its potential and limitations for liquid nanoparticle dispersions, nano-powders and nanocomposites.

Alon Vaisman, from Malvern Instruments, will present “Particle sizing - a proven technology for process control.” He will describe how implementing on-line laser diffraction and real-time process control can maximize efficiency and eliminate out-of-spec production.

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