GHENT, Belgium - Taminco has significantly increased its North American specialty amine derivatives capacity in order to address growing market demand for a variety of amine-derived products that are used in water treatment, gas treatment, pharmaceuticals, coatings and many other applications.

Three state-of-the-art production units, for the production of alkylalkanolamines (AAA) and Diethylhydroxylamine(DEHA), are up and running as part of a major expansion to its St Gabriel, LA, site, making it one of the largest specialized amine derivative plants in the world.

The newly built units became fully operational in August and marked the successful consolidation of Taminco’s U.S. operations into two facilities (St Gabriel and Pace, FL).

Taminco, The Amine Company, is the world’s only global integrated specialist akylamine producer. Taminco produces alkylamines and their derivatives, which are key elements in a broad array of chemical products that have a wide range of applications in, amongst others, crop protection, water treatment, surfactants, animal feed additives and pharma applications. From its headquarters in Ghent, Belgium, Taminco operates seven manufacturing facilities, located in Belgium, Germany, the United States, Brazil and China.