Thane, Maharashtra, India -- LANXESS, a specialty chemicals firm and supplier to the paint and coatings industry in India, is encouraged by the buoyant growth and robust potential of the sector.

Consumption of paint and coatings in India in the domestic sector is on the rise and is triggered by factors such as increased purchasing power of the people, boom in the real estate and automobile sectors, enhancement in lifestyles, and frequent special occasions and festivals in India. In the industrial segment, there is a steady growth in spending on infrastructure and urbanization, which has increased sales of industrial paint and coatings. Overall, the paint and coatings industry in India is projected to grow at the rate of 11-14 percent in the next five years.

LANXESS contributes to the paint and coatings industry with two major raw materials: pigments and biocides. The Inorganic Pigments business unit manufactures the synthetic iron oxide pigment Bayferrox®. The company’s Material Protection Products business unit manufactures antimicrobial preservatives and biocides for antimicrobial stabilization of paints. Both business units are part of the Performance Chemicals segment of LANXESS.

LANXESS has a production facility for Material Protection Products at Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. The Preventol® range of products are used as antimicrobial compounds in a range of industrial applications such as paint, adhesives, emulsions, textile and leather auxiliaries, and wood treatment.

The Bayferrox (iron oxide) and Chromoxide products are used for coloring various products, such as concrete, roof tiles, paint and dyes, plastics, paper, and special pigments for toners and other applications.