SHANGHAI - For the second year in a row, Shanghai Megus Coatings Corp. has been selected to receive the DSM Resin Asia Sustainability Award.

DSM established the DSM Resin Asia Sustainability Award in 2008. Its aim is to drive the industry forward towards the implementation of more sustainable technologies and recognizing industrial partners that use environmentally friendly materials to produce coatings or adhesive products.

Huang Fengxi, Chairman of Megus, received the award from Patrick Niels, Business Director, DSM Coating Resins, at an award ceremony held during Chinacoat 2011 in Shanghai. Megus was nominated because of its successful changeover to waterborne coatings and its contribution to the reduction of VOC emissions in China. Other nominees for this award included Becker Acroma, Bohai China, Dugao China, Henkel China, Siegwerk Inks and Trias Sentosa Indonesia.

“We are honored to receive this award for the second year in a row. Megus is strongly committed to the continuous development and application of waterborne products, as we see that these coatings protect consumers’ and workers’ health through the reduction of the environmental impact of coatings and adhesive products,” said Fengxi. “For long, we have been supplying traditional solvent-borne coatings to the wood furniture industry. These coatings, however, carry an undesirable eco footprint and are highly flammable. Thus, we changed our strategic course and focused on green coatings. We finalized the transition from solvent-borne production to waterborne last year and found solutions to various technological challenges, one of them relating to the dry speed of waterborne resins. Megus will continue to invest in ‘green’ innovation. We are currently investigating the possibilities to apply microwave technologies in the production of coatings and have invested in a new standard furniture production line applying state-of-the-art microwave technology.”